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REM Staffing’s workforce solutions include:

Temporary Staffing
Bring on short- or long-term contract workers to get important work done at your facility, while we handle all the costs associated with contract personnel. Adjust your workforce as needed to adapt to changing demand, without the need to hire full-time workers.
You’ll have the opportunity to evaluate a candidate’s skills, work habits, and cultural fit before making a direct offer. If it’s a great match, we’ll make the transition to your payroll seamless.
Direct Hire
Fill your company’s most important full-time roles with our direct hire services. We’ll take care of sourcing, screening, and interviewing to present you with a shortlist of only the most qualified candidates for your selection.
Payroll Consolidation
Put the temporary employees of your choosing on our payroll. REM Staffing will handle everything from payroll taxes to workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, and more. Free up your team to focus on growing your business, not doing paperwork.
Risk and Safety Consultation
Leverage our experts’ deep experience in risk and safety management. Our consultants will conduct comprehensive assessments, provide tailored recommendations, and deliver ongoing support to ensure your workplace remains safe and compliant.
Customized Workforce Solutions
We’ll work closely with your organization to build a customized workforce solution that works with your company’s needs – and your budget. Whether you require specialized skill sets, unique scheduling arrangements or innovative staffing strategies, we’ll develop a solution that aligns perfectly with your objectives.

Going Above and Beyond

Value-Added Services

Our goal is to reduce your company’s overhead costs and save you valuable time. In addition to our full suite of staffing services, we offer a variety of value-added services to make hiring even easier: